Judah Churh is a united body of believers who are passionate about reaching people from the surrounding cities all the way to the most distant nation.  We are driven to bring encouragement and freedom to others through the power of Jesus Christ!





Our Promise is to be a place where everyone is welcome and a place where people will encounter the power of the cross and forever changed!  Judah is the place where a radical life in Christ will begin.




We are not your ordinary church!  Every service brings powerful worship and life changing Word.  The family here at Judah Church will welcome you just as you are and connect your entire family with groups of people, ministries and bonds that last a lifetime!




Children are PIRATES!  Pirates have only one goal-to play; pillage and plunder.  They want to do what they want and are in need of a good standard and instruction.

They don't like to wash behind their ears or change their clothes.  They need Jesus..Ha!  Sounds like kids to me.  "Pirate Kids"  "YO HO"




This is a place where Jesus is the Captain, and we all can come and learn of His awesome truths.  It's a safe place filled with loving, caring people.  The Harbor is a place where the children can come from every port or place and be accepted and loved.  It's a place where Jesus meets Pirates and changes their lives, and make teachers, preachers, prophets, and good citizens.  A happy destination that once we've visited, we must come back.




We have a check-in and check-out system.  As your child enters the Harbor, we have an area where armbands are given to both child and parent/guardian before the child enters the Harbor area. If at anytime a child has a problem, or a parent is needed, our video director is called and your child's armband number will be displayed.  We care about your childs safety.




You have never seen a youth ministry like this!  The Tribe is a powerful interactive ministry for 6th-12th grade.  The Tribe meets every Wednesday evening at 7pm with challenging Word and Live Worship.  Throughout the year every young person will recieve a special invitation to Rush the Trib3e.  They will have the opportunity to spend the weekend in intensive training with church leaders.  Every young person that enters the Tribe Rush will graduate before the entire church family in a Sunday commencement.  The Tribe Rush will ignite a passion and fire in every single youth and equip them to take a stand and restore the lost identity of this GENERATION



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