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Engaging, discerning, and relevant without compromise are just a few words among many that have been used to describe the ministry of Scott King. Scott is a man of God with a multifaceted ministry, daring to preach where most would not go and willing to accept the call as a prophet to the nations. God has equipped him to fulfill that call with appointments as Church of God World Missions PRIMO over Belize and the Eastern Territory of Honduras and, most recently, Ambassador to the United Nations.

Pastor Scott continues to travel each year spreading the revival fire of Pentecost to any church, no matter what size, as an evangelist.  

He has been married to his wife Tyra for 23 years and has two sons, Corban and Cole. He also has 2 fur babies, Bella and Ali their, beloved Labs.

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Caleb Sapp comes to Judah Church from Fayette, AL.  As a child he attended an 8 week revival Pastor Scott held at his home church.  Now in Anderson, SC he leads our Judah Middle School Department as well as our Judah Media department.


Pastor Eric comes to Judah church with over 45 years of experience in Kids Ministry.  He has traveled extensively as "ElJoy" the clown and with over 6 other characters to preach the gospel on a level kids can understand.  He currently leads our Judah Adventures Program for kids.  You. an catch Pastor Eric doing what he does each Sunday Morning at 10AM.  

When he and his wife, Genia, are not doing ministry they enjoy spending time with family.



Pastors Scott and Tyra King have been the Pastors of Judah Church since its beginning twenty years ago. They have been married for 23 years and have two wonderful boys, Corban and Cole . 

As a sought after conference speaker, Pastor Tyra reaches people from all racial, financial, and religious backgrounds.

Pastor Tyra graduated from Anderson University. She is an anointed preacher as well as gifted leader of women and author as well.

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Pastor Michael is a product of the youth ministry at Judah.  He traveled for a year with Bishop Scott across the US and overseas.  He spent several months on the mission field in Honduras and attended Master's Commission in Memphis, TN.  He now works as a Paramedic here in Anderson.

Pastor Jackie also attended Masters Commission in Memphis, TN. She later attended University of Memphis obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Clemson University obtaining a Master in Science. She works locally as a nurse practitioner.


Pastors Michael and Jackie lead The Tribe Youth Ministry here at Judah.