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What is 28 Days to Change?

First, we are so glad you are here!  You are about to embark on what has become one of the most exciting journies Judah Church has to offer.  We call it 28 Days to Change. (28 Days) 28 Days was birthed right here at Judah in 2012.  It's simple yet very life changing.  

It's Simple

All it takes is a small commitment from you for 28 days.  (Feb. 2-29) . In this world of no commitment, from gyms to even marriages, it's nice to have something that requires a commitment.  

For 28 days you commit to 5 things

      -Attend every church service, yes even special services

      -Read the Bible daily, we will give you a reading plan

      -Tithe Faithfully, God says to "Prove Me in this"

      -Attend at least ONE fellowship event, church is more than church services,            it's community

      -Exercise daily, we belive being a Christian is BODY, Soul and Spirit

Through these 5 simple commitments we believe your life will be changed.  When God's people worship together, Read together, Fellowship together WE GROW.  

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